Did You Know That Crushing Equipment Can Help The Environment?

Sand is extremely useful besides being the perfect surface to recline on whilst enjoying the beach; it’s a hot commodity in construction, building, filtering and breeding beautification (to name a few). Natural sand is found on the riverbed and, with demand for this material increasing, dredgers are being used to get it out. The more sand we need, the more we dredge and the more worse off the environment is. Crushing equipment, however, could be the solution.

Dredging is Detrimental to the Environment

Firstly, it is important to understand that dredging sand from our riverbeds is actually quite detrimental to the environment. It damages the ecological environment of the river by making it muddy and no longer clean. Dredgers often discharge mechanical oil into the river, which pollutes it and makes it unsafe for wildlife. It can increase the likelihood of floods occurring, as changes in the water flow can cause the bed to recoil.

Crushing Equipment can make Stone into Sand

In order to avoid all of these disadvantages, we should consider the creation of artificial sand as the ideal solution. There is a variety of crushing equipment available that enables you to turn stone into sand that is suitable for all of the industries outlined above (construction, building, filtering and breeding beautification). It will not, however, be suitable for use on beaches and riverbanks, as it is likely to feel a little gritty and even sharp.

The Process of Making Artificial Sand

There are, essentially, three steps that must be taken for the creation of artificial sand. We have outlined them in as much detail as possible here:


  1. 1.     Feed System – This is the conveyor belt, which will ferry the stone into the equipment for crushing. It is comprised of vibrating feed links that steadily pull the stone away from where it is being mined or where it is being stored. There are conveyor belts of all shapes and sizes available, so you can choose accordingly.
  2. 2.     Crushing System – This is the heart of the process, where the stone is broken down into the required granularity for sand. The great thing about this equipment is that the granularity can be altered depending on the intended use for the sand.
  3. 3.     Screening System – This is the screen that separates the sand from stone that was not broken up enough. It prevents large chunks from being sorted into the bags. It is comprised of a linear vibrating screen that gently sifts the sand. These screens are available in all shapes and sizes, so you can choose accordingly.

As you can see, there are ways for us to create enough sand without having to dredge our precious riverbeds. The process is actually quite simple, thanks to the evolution of crushing equipment, and it is possible to create granules that are the perfect size for your intended use. So, the next time you are looking to purchase some sand for construction, building, filtering and breeding beautification, make sure that you look for artificial or man-made wherever possible.

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