Did You Know That Crushing Equipment Can Help The Environment?

Sand is extremely useful besides being the perfect surface to recline on whilst enjoying the beach; it’s a hot commodity in construction, building, filtering and breeding beautification (to name a few). Natural sand is found on the riverbed and, with demand for this material increasing, dredgers are being used to get it out. The more sand we need, the more we dredge and the more worse off the environment is. Crushing equipment, however, could be the solution.

Dredging is Detrimental to the Environment

Firstly, it is important to understand that dredging sand from our riverbeds is actually quite detrimental to the environment. It damages the ecological environment of the river by making it muddy and no longer clean. Dredgers often discharge mechanical oil into the river, which pollutes it and makes it unsafe for wildlife. It can increase the likelihood of floods occurring, as changes in the water flow can cause the bed to recoil.

Crushing Equipment can make Stone into Sand

In order to avoid all of these disadvantages, we should consider the creation of artificial sand as the ideal solution. There is a variety of crushing equipment available that enables you to turn stone into sand that is suitable for all of the industries outlined above (construction, building, filtering and breeding beautification). It will not, however, be suitable for use on beaches and riverbanks, as it is likely to feel a little gritty and even sharp.

The Process of Making Artificial Sand

There are, essentially, three steps that must be taken for the creation of artificial sand. We have outlined them in as much detail as possible here:


  1. 1.     Feed System – This is the conveyor belt, which will ferry the stone into the equipment for crushing. It is comprised of vibrating feed links that steadily pull the stone away from where it is being mined or where it is being stored. There are conveyor belts of all shapes and sizes available, so you can choose accordingly.
  2. 2.     Crushing System – This is the heart of the process, where the stone is broken down into the required granularity for sand. The great thing about this equipment is that the granularity can be altered depending on the intended use for the sand.
  3. 3.     Screening System – This is the screen that separates the sand from stone that was not broken up enough. It prevents large chunks from being sorted into the bags. It is comprised of a linear vibrating screen that gently sifts the sand. These screens are available in all shapes and sizes, so you can choose accordingly.

As you can see, there are ways for us to create enough sand without having to dredge our precious riverbeds. The process is actually quite simple, thanks to the evolution of crushing equipment, and it is possible to create granules that are the perfect size for your intended use. So, the next time you are looking to purchase some sand for construction, building, filtering and breeding beautification, make sure that you look for artificial or man-made wherever possible.

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When To Sell Cars For Scrap Metal And When To Fix Them Up

If your vehicle is almost as old as your grandparents are or has turned out to be a lemon, you might be wondering whether it’s worth getting fixed all the time or whether you should simply cut your losses. In this article, we have aimed to help you determine whether you should sell these cars for scrap metal or whether you should keep them going a little longer. At the end of the day, it all comes down to what makes the most financial sense.

Scrap Metal

What do the corporations do?

When big corporations decide to update their fleet – whether the vehicles are 3 years old or 20 – they reach this conclusion by determining whether the car will cost them more in the future than simply buying a new one. They consider the following factors:

  • Whether the new vehicle is fuel or energy efficient;
  • Whether the new machine will work faster;
  • Whether the payments for a new car will be greater than the repair costs of the old one in the long run;
  • What the lifetime of the new and old vehicles is; and
  • How much they will receive as a trade-in for their old machines.

You may have noticed that past costs don’t factor into the decision – no large corporation will consider past costs because the money they have already spent will never be returned. This is known as “sunk costs” – you ignore past expenses in evaluating future costs.

How do I evaluate the costs?

When it comes to determining whether you should sell your car for scrap metal or whether you should continue fixing it up, you will need to consider the following factors:

  • Condition of your vehicle
    Remember that no two cars of the same make and model are going to be exactly the same. This is because the condition of the car is directly related to the quality of replaced parts, how routine maintenance schedules are followed and how nice you are to it.
  • Consult other car owners
    When studying your own vehicle, it doesn’t hurt to gather information from similar car owners. This will allow you to determine what sorts of repairs other owners have had to undertake and what order many of these repairs were required in.
  • Research loan payments
    You should also take some time to research the monthly loan payments for the top 5 cars that you would like to buy as a replacement. Don’t forget to consider rebates, financing offers, price and the trade-in value of your current vehicle in your research.
  • Compare all of the costs
    To determine whether buying a new car or repairing your old one is going to cost you more, divide the total potential costs for keeping your vehicle into a monthly amount. Then, compare this amount with the potential car payment you have researched.

Once you have undertaken all of the steps outlined above, you should be in a much better position to decide whether selling cars for scrap metal is going to make the most financial sense or whether fixing it up is. If the final figures are relatively close, you should also consider the fuel mileage differences, as well as how long the warranty on your repairs is going to last. You might find that getting a brand new vehicle is quite affordable.

Shop Around for the Best Car

When you are shopping around for the best car it is very important that you are thinking of all of the aspects which are going to be a part of that planning process. First of all, what is your family budget for a vehicle? You must remember that the vehicle budget must be in line with all of your other expenses and should not be more than 1/8 of your monthly expenses. If you are always setting yourself up for a position to be in debt there will be issues in the long term with making payments as well as being able to handle the needs and the demands in the long term of the expenses. Also you must determine the size of the vehicle that you need. Should it be large or small? Do you need to be able to have room for children as well as for groceries and for other equipment?

Are you planning on buying a car which is gently used or are you planning on buying one that is brand new? All of these are factors which must be a part of your decision. There are many agencies out there that specialize in buying cars from old rental agencies which are selling cars which are no longer appropriate for business rentals. You will be able to find a car which is gently used for usually half the cost of a brand new car. In addition to that before you head to the dealership to buy the car you want to make sure that you have you’re financing in place.

Many car salesmen are in the habit of providing you with a ridiculous rate once you show up and you are ready to buy the car and for that reason it is very important to ensure that you are able to have access to a car rate that will be affordable and not be a part of the game of chicken. If you are not paying for a car straight-out that will mean signing a loan with a bank or with a credit union so that you will then be able to make the payments as they are required and maintain good credit. In addition to that you will be able to work out a plan which is flexible and affordable for you.

The best car is going to be one that is a perfect fit for your economical needs as well as your needs to keep your family safe and happy. Part of that involves a DSA practical test which will ensure that you are able to have the best possible rates as well as the best possible safety in your vehicle. Offering the highest in vehicle quality and driving safety will always help you have the best possible options when you are planning for the needs of your family and are working with them on a regular basis to ensure your ultimate success and happiness in your new vehicle. Best is a relative term, but the perfect fit is all based on your needs and the happiness you have in your purchase.

Istanbul Shopping Fest Begins with Grand Opening

History of the Festival
  • The Istanbul shopping fest is an annual festival which was established back in the year 2011.
  • The fest is usually held in Istanbul, Turkey, one of the most dynamic cities in the world.
  •  The mission of the festival is to re-establish Istanbul as one of the leading centers for shopping, culture and entertainment in the world.
  • It was initially held between 18 March and 26 April 2011 and it was to be a yearly tradition. The tradition has been held thrice and this year it will be in its fourth anniversary.
  • During this fest, all the shops that participate in the festival are supposed to offer special discounts. This is supposed to go on for 40 days and 40 nights.
  • Both locals and tourists enjoy tax free shopping with huge discounts on all kinds of items.
  • There is usually a wide range of items ranging from jewellery, watches, handicrafts, electronics, perfumes and many other products.
  • All the historic monuments also contribute to the festival by extending their operation time by 2 hours.

Why Istanbul?
  • Istanbul is rich of glamorous and modern shopping points. Most shopping malls are located along the major streets such as Bahariye, Bakirkov, Bagdat, Nisantasi, Taksim and Fatih Street.
  • It is because of these big shopping points and traditional areas such as Grand Bazaar, Spice Market that the festival is always colorful.
  • Istanbul is also a major tourists’ destination in Turkey and the event usually boosts the tourism industry by far.
  • The city will become an entertainment center during this period of 40 days because it is a cosmopolitan city, with more than 14 million of population.
  • Parties and concerts are usually organized in shops aimed at attracting shoppers for 24 hours since the city does not sleep. Other street fashion shows, competitions, and celebrations are arranged during these 40 days and nights.
  • Istanbul shopping fest is now a leading attraction of tourists and visitors from every part of the globe who are destined to Istanbul.
Sponsorship and Contributors
  • Istanbul Shopping festival is a huge budget event because it is not planned to last for just a day. Its estimated budget in 2011 was around 50 million dollars. If that was 3 years ago, how about today?
  • This brings about the issue of sponsors.
  • The Ministry of Culture and Tourism in Turkey is the major sponsor and organizer of the fest.
  • A few examples of the other sponsors may include Association of Shopping Center Investors, Turkish Airlines, Turkish Exporters’ Assembly, Istanbul Chamber of Commerce, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and Office of the Governor of Istanbul.

All Are Welcome This June
  • The shopping fest is planned for a grand opening in 7th June and it will proceed through 29th June, 2014.
  • Istanbul shopping fest will be a clear rival to the glamor of the Dubai Shopping Festival.
  • There is a lot to offer to all the visitors. They can enjoy the diversity of the best of shopping as well as night activities and culture.
  • There will be massive exhibitions with discounts, musical concerts and the latest fashion trends.
  • All are welcome as long as you meet the minimum Turkey travel visa requirements. Come and enjoy the glamor of the most prolific shopping festival in Turkey.

Fairlie Community Garden site in Jeopardy?

It has been revealed that the neighbouring sewage treatment plant is planning to extend their site which has concerned a lot of people on where the future lies for Fairlie Community Garden site.

Members of the Organic Growers of Fairlie group brought their concerns to the table in a council meeting that was held in Semple Centre in Fairlie.

The Scottish Water treatment works at Fairlie Pier are planning to build a secondary expansion next to its current facility. They have also already made an enquiry to the neighbouring community garden about ownership of the land.

Film of the queen in Largs

A short clip has been found on the Queen of England visiting Largs in 1958, the remarkable clip is in colour. The video recording was filmed by Largs man Mr Fred J Thomson who captured many significant events in the town on cine film including Brisbane Queen events, the heavy snowstorm of 1941, and sporting festivals.

One of the most well-liked hotels in the west of Scotland, featuring in the background, but is now sadly demolished.


BBC will not stop Millport gardeners Plans

Back in February, the chairman of the Isle of Cumbrae Initiative, Frank Corcoran, announced the conceding of £130,282 to set up a garden within the grounds of Garrison House.

The gardeners there got in contact with the BBC Beechgrove Grarden team telling organizers of their curiosity in basing a show around the island project, members of Cumbrae Community Council have insisted that the program makers will not utter their plans.

Crane falls at Fairlie Quay

Inspector Andy Clark said: “The crane was mounted on an HGV and was being used to remove a boat from the water at the time. A 22 year old man from Largs was treated by an ambulance crew at the scene and was thereafter taken to hospital as a precautionary measure.”

A man was injured as a result of a crane toppling over at Fairlie Quay on Sunday 22 April. At 4.30pm, the police attended to assist the fire service concerning a report of a male having been injured.


Goodbye to last of Millport’s brave soldiers

The Isle of Cumbrae recently said goodbye to one of its heroic old soldiers recently in David Stevenson, 96, who as a Prisoner of War during WW2, and was captured at Dunkirk.

He escaped FIVE times from the Nazis, and remarkably, was going to be shot by a German firing squad following a foiled sixth bid for freedom when the Americans rescued him at the very last gasp!

“On the sixth escape attempt during the fifth year, he was ready to escape but he got caught and was literally being taking out to a line to be shot with the other guys, but there was something not right, and he sensed it.

“He was right because the Americans were in at that point, an American soldier arrived and spread the word – and on their signal, all the P.O.Ws were to hit the floor. “My grandfather spread the word, the signal was given in English, and all the P.O.Ws reacted. All the Germans were all standing up and the Americans annihilated them. It was the beginning of the liberation, and the Americans ending the war. If that had not happened, my grandfather would have been shot.”

The veteran soldier passed on many incredible stories to his family including rescuing a teenage boy from a sticken escape vessel that tipped over after leaving Dunkirk, to a remarkable tale of a Millport solidier, who was unnamed by David, who escaped Dunkirk by sailing the English channel on a rowing boat, but was considered to be a deserter by island troops who remained and were subsequently captured by the evil Nazi regime.

David was born and bred in Millport and joined the Territorial Army as part of the 51st Lowland Division, and part of the light artillery anti-tank unit.

He was part of the rearguard action to protect the beaches at Dunkirk and fought with limited resources until they were out of ammunition and forced to surrender.

Grandson David said: “He went to war at the age of 24, he was one of 27 that left from Millport. ‘News’ photographer Walter Kerr was one of them as well of course. If my mind serves me right there were only 17 captured, the rest of them were deployed at other places. Rommel was in charge, and involved in the long walk in which they were marched through four countries. After the long walk, they were all split up, my grandfather never saw anyone from Millport for five years.

However, David recalled it was the guys on chain on the long walk who were the ‘baddies’ and would beat you up on the line, and if you collapsed they would not hesitate to just shoot you down and leave you at the side of the road.

David was separated from his Millport comrades for five years as he embarked upon a maverick journey of sabotage and escape from the terror of the prison camps.

Millport GPs lose dispensing battle

Millport GPs have been told to cease dispensing from April 5, 2013. They have also indicated their intention to resign and retire, handing responsibility for GMS provision back to the health board, NHS Ayrshire and Arran.

The GPs have been acknowledged for their commitment to first class healthcare services and their constructive approach to this matter. Speaking to DDA Online, Dr James Bryson said: “The costs of provision of out of hours cover on islands is a serious problem, and it seems incredible that a Health Board has been willing to rubber stamp a decision which destroys a working model.” He describes the mainland-based committees’ knowledge of island difficulties as “questionable”.

Senior partner Dr James Bryson said: “By next April all three doctors will be past retirement age. We do not feel it would be possible for us to recruit doctors to our existing practice. We hope that [the Board] will be able to come up with a viable model which can provide doctors 24/7 as at present.”

Local patients say they are appalled by the decision and will carry on their campaign to support GP dispensing on the island.